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An online tool to rearrange letters in a word or phrase to form a different word or phrase, using the original letters.
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An anagram is a play on words, where a single word or phrase is rearranged into multiple new words by shifting the letters around and using them only once. This useful process can aid in reading development and language learning by showing just how many words can be formed out of a single word or phrase — using all of the same letters. Anagram Maker is a fun and free web app that you can use to create anagrams with the click of a button.

Anagram Maker uses sophisticated algorithms to break down whatever words a user inputs into the search box and rearrange the letters into a number of different words that represent every possible anagrammatic outcome. From there, the user has the ability to ensure that certain words are included in the list, while others are excluded. With a simple and easy to use dashboard, you can create hundreds of anagrams and use the results however you wish in just a few minutes.