Word to Sentence

This tool adds 5 example sentences to every word in your list. Supported: English, French, German and Spanish.

Learning the meaning of new words, unique words that don’t come around often, or complex words that can be difficult to understand can be quite the challenge – especially when the dictionary definition only serves to confuse you even more! For wordsmiths, writers, readers, students, and business professionals, Word to Sentence is a useful web app that you need to ensure that you never struggle to understand the meaning of a word ever again. This unique web app offers a free and simple service that provides you with enough information to gain the true meaning of any word.

Word to Sentence that takes any word or word list that you enter into the text box and provides you with 5 unique sentences to help you better grasp the meaning of the word. Simply paste in your list and the app will create 5 sentences for each word on your list at the click of a button.